Maybe I’m just naïve.


Maybe I’m overly optimistic.


Maybe I’ve just seen too many Disney films, but I believe that we all want to see a better world. A world with less environmental destruction. A world with less poverty and suffering. A world with fewer people dying from preventable disease.


Isn’t that why you’re reading this? Don’t you want to see that sort of better world?


I certainly do and that’s what this blog is about – welcome to Save the World Entire.


Every month, I’ll focus on a different theme; a different way that we can all help to improve things in manageable and meaningful ways, from what we eat through to how we spend our time and our money


Some of these changes won’t seem like a lot to us individually, but together these small bricks can come together to build vast and towering buildings. And the more of these small bricks there are, and the more people building with us, the more grand and impressive our city will become.


Did you know that it can cost less than one restaurant meal to offset your Carbon Dioxide emissions for the whole year, or that you could save a life by donating less than £5, the cost of an insecticide-treated bed net? Imagine what could happen if everyone that read this pledged to offset their greenhouse-gas ? If everyone donated the cost of a few nets, maybe we could even stop malaria from killing people around the world, one by one, step by step.


And that’s where the title for this blog came from. In Schindler’s List (amazing film – definitely worth a watch!), Spielberg quotes the Talmud in the closing minutes:


Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.”


With this much power, individually and collectively, why would we not choose to act? Why would we not save the world entire?


 “Be the change you want to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi





Ways to Save the World.

Every month, we'll focus on a different way that we can all help to make a real difference to the world.

So far, we've covered the following themes:


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Coming Soon!


This may be the easiest way to make a real difference to our world.

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